GREY VOD Features

GREY VOD  On Demand is your portal to access thousands of movie titles, music videos and TV programs. You do NOT need to be a GREY IPTV subscriber however, you will require high-speed internet and compatible devices in order to access the service. Watch your selection just like a DVD – pause, rewind and fast forward.There’s no need to leave the house and you can watch your order as often as you like. Choose from new releases, comedies, dramas, thrillers, classics, TV series and more, almost all of which are available in HD.

What is the difference between GREY VOD and Pay Per View?

GREY VOD lets you watch a movie or series title any time you want. You can pause, fast forward and rewind your selection, no need for a PVR.

Dark Media PPV

Pay Per View is the perfect choice for watching great live events such as UFC or WWE with both Beast TV and Dark Media. Both also have a number of new-release movie titles that start at scheduled times. in Addition to the 24/7 selections.

Beast TV 24/7

How much does Grey VOD cost? Grey VOD can be purchased as a stand alone service or bundled with Beast TV and Dark Media IPTV services at a discounted price. Grey VOD is available with 1,2 and, 3 connected devices at a time with NO IP RESTRICTIONS. That means we have the right packages to fit any budget. (as low as $3.33 per month)* GREY VOD features thousands of titles from dozens of networks that are included with your subscription at no additional cost, watch as much as you want!

How do I start GREY VOD movie or TV show? Simple select the movie or, TV show you would like to watch and press play. How can I prevent my Children from accessing GREY VODcontent? All existing Parental Controls will apply based on the rating limit set within parental controls and the rating of the program, just the same as with live content. How do I pay for my order? Grey VOD is purchased in the same was as IPTV services and can be paid for using PayPal, Major Credit Card or, Visa Debit. after adding to cart and going through check out. Can the same movie be watched on two or more different TVs? Yes, if theTVs are connected to your high-speed internet via compatible device. The number of connected devices is selected at time of purchase and can NOT be ungraded or downgraded within the subscription period. Can I cancel an order or add more connections? All purchases are FINAL and, NO refunds are available. We recommend a trial of any service offered with GREYIPTV before purchase. unfortunately you will not be able to upgrade or downgrade the number of devices on your subscription until the next renewal peroid GREY VOD: Click here for 5 hour Trial $1.00 Beast TV: Click here for Beast TV 48 hour trial $1.99 Dark Media: Click here for Dark Media 24 hour trial $0.00 (not available Friday/Saturday/Sunday) Can I add movies and TV shows to favorites? Yes use the you can add to favorites with a long press on a selection in order to add to favorites. This will now be available from main menu. Can I access GREY VOD outside of my home? Yes, as long as you have the official GREY VOD app installed to compatible device and do not exceed the connection limit on the subscription you are free to stream with NO IP RESTRICTIONS.