VOD has revolutionized the way video content is viewed and broadcasted. VOD services are trending nowadays emphasizing consumer behavior and people are embracing online streaming services like never before.

VOD is basically the opposite of live streaming giving users the opportunity to watch videos at any suitable time and from any Internet-connected devices. It is is more than just binge-watching series on Netflix. The convenience of watching tutorials, educative and entertaining content from virtually anywhere and on any device is the sole beauty of VOD.

People’s hectic lifestyles created by modern living are the main factor why they prefer watching videos on demand. It is suitable because content can tolerate delays in publishing on the part of the publisher and it is always accessible.

Benefits of VOD

Connectivity – Technology has become a key player in transforming things and making lives simpler. Due to advancement in technology VOD content is always accessible. Everyone can watch your content whenever and wherever. It only requires a high-speed broadband internet connection and a PC or mobile device.

Convenience Currently VOD is delivered by streaming service providers like Netflix and Amazon Prime where you can choose videos that are included in the catalog and watch them whenever you want, wherever you want and as often as you want. Also unlike traditional TV operators that bind you with long term contracts which are not easy to break away from, GREY VOD streaming services don’t have any such contractual obligation. So you are free to discontinue your subscription at any point of time. Also, you can subscribe to more than one service at a time since all these different subscriptions put together still cost you lower than a cable / satellite TV bill which keeps incrementing every year. In a Traditional TV model, you can only  subscribe to a Cable / satellite TV provider that is specific to your geographic location, And this further limits you with the choices of TV service providers whereas GREY VOD lets you stream videos irrespective of which geography you belong to since all you need to do is login to your streaming service account to get instant access to scores of videos.

Options – you are not bound long term to any provider, you can subscribe to many at a time or switch to anyone without having to worry about any costs, or regulations preventing you from doing so, so in traditional TV, a viewer depending on where they are may have just one or two options. And the providers may be forcing long term contracts, so when someone wants to switch they can’t do so easily.

Cost – Cost wise accessing on-demand movies and TV shows over the internet is only a fraction of what you would pay to your cable TV provider. Cable TV lets you watch all the content you need if you choose a premium package however same media content can be watched at a much lower price via Video On Demand.

Variety – Wide variety of television shows and movies are provided by GREY VOD service providers that let you access hundreds and thousands of different types of movies and shows that include news, sports, classic TV, entire TV series and movies from different decades. Originally video on demand offered access to movies however newer technologies and high speed broadband internet let you have access to a diverse array of content that includes the ability to view content from other countries and other special interest content. Hence video on demand is so popular.

Devices – the convenience of being able to watch videos from anywhere, at anytime and how many ever times you want to watch, it also offers the convenience of being able to stream on a wide assortment of devices right from your HDTV or PC to mobile devices like your iPad or even your smartphone.

With digitalization and onset of Video on Demand Services, cord cutting is on the rise as many people are making the switch to OTT streaming services to stream their preferred TV shows and movies at their preferred time, whenever they want to and wherever they want to stream (on the go)